UI/UX Designer
& Enterpreneur

Hi, my name is Luca. I’m a hungarian-born german designer living in the UK. I love to experiment with new technologies and create a meaningful beatuful digital products.

More than Design.

I help people create meaningful and time-saving products for their projects and businesses.

Brand strategy

Website design

Social media presence

Google ranking

Help with technology

About Luca

Designer soul

I am on a mission to make websites that not only look good but feel even better. From sleek designs to user-friendly interfaces, I am orchestrating the symphony of aesthetics and functionality.

Worked in Corporate

I am a problem solver, with 10+ years of experience in corporate life. My passion is to create elegant, detailed, and efficient projects. Every design is a collaboration.

Helped startups

I can help you achieve your goals every step of the way. If you run a one person business, and don't have time for the digital presence, I am the one what you searched for. I will help all the digital difficulties.



With a passion for turning ideas into visually stunning online experiences, I bring a unique touch to every project.

My services

Check out in what areas I can help your business

Branding & Online Presence

In the vast digital landscape, your brand's first impression is everything. That's where the magic of branding and online presence comes into play, armed with creativity and a keen eye for what makes a brand shine.


From sleek layouts to seamless user experiences, I craft websites that not only look good but also work like a charm. Whether you're after a stunning personal portfolio or a robust e-commerce platform, I’ve got the skills to make your online presence shine.


I know how to make your app not just a tool but an experience. Get ready for an app that not only meets your user needs but leaves them delighted and coming back for more.

Design systems

With an eye for consistency and a flair for creativity, I am the architect of the cohesive visual language that makes your brand shine.

UI Animation (microanimations)

With a passion for bringing interfaces to life, I add that extra flair that turns static screens into dynamic, engaging experiences.From subtle micro-interactions to eye-catching transitions.

From Idea to a running company

I have worked in the corporate world for several years, I have seen and helped large companies launch new products, and as an entrepreneur myself, I can help you achieve what you dream of.

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