My services as a digital designer

- selected projects -

Brand Building
and Social Media

Website Design
and Building

Startup Strategy
and Tech Knowledge

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A startup for event sharing

Anyone can register their event and can sell tickets to tourists who interested.

Product Owner of the startup, my role was to create all digital assets and maintain the direction of the product. Personas, customer experiences, deciding which technology to use and achieving business goals.

link to live website

Wedding website

An alternative way to scrolling. An unique website with drawings of their life sofar.

Created the Landing page.

link to live website

Storyteller Portal

A landingpage for a startup where you can write your own book about family legacies.

Created the branding, business strategy, website.

link to live website

Sailing App

An easy way to learn the basics of sailing and boating with games.

Created the app design, gamifications, landing page, and game concept.

link to the live app